Over the years, I have continued to receive remarkable letters from my “kids”, those adults who remember spending time with me on Wonderama or  Just for F un in the 1960s, and who just wanted to say hello or share their the memories. Some of these we have archived on our website, and they are, remarkable testimony to the long-lasting impression we left on the lives of these young folks.


Recently I received another note of this kind, that led to an interesting exchange of emails. As I went through this exchange, it occurred to me that maybe more of you would like to engage not just in the communication, but in a conversation.


So, as of now, we are starting this Chatting with Sonny addition the website. If any of you are up to such a conversation and want to approach me with an opening gambit, please do. Ifn the exchange it leads to an interesting conversation we, will post it. I will continue to do this as  long as I have the energy and as long as you are interested.


Email address is: sonny@sonnyfox.TV

Dear Mr. Sonny Fox,

I'm sixty-eight (68) years old - soon 69 (3 Feb 2019).  There was Mom and Dad, the first three (3) daughters and then me, Janine and Denard.  It was always Denard who informed Janine and me about your show. Denard first told us about this new tv show...

Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am to be able to use the marvelous technology of today to say thanks. No doubt, you've heard from many "old friends" like myself over the years...people who spent whole swatches of their childhoods watching, playing along and l...

Mr. Fox,

I was watching a show on email about the Battle of the Bulge and your name and face came up. I recognized you right away. I called my wife in to watch it with me and told her I recognized your name and face.

You see,Mr. Fox, I was stationed onboard the

* USS Comp...

Dear Mr. Fox,

May I ask that you please indulge me? I have a story I think you may be interested in which both indirectly and directly involves you and my family on several levels.

For background, I have recently begun to piece together a memoir of my mother, Millie Diam...

Hi Sonny - I am a 68 year old rower living in Charlotte, NC. Our boat club has a Vespoli Double named the Irwin "Sonny" Fox, obviously named for you. I do not know from whom we purchased the boat, but I have often wondered about the name. I looked you up and discovered...

Dear Mr. Fox, I am in the middle of your book and words cannot describe the many feelings. Also, I was on the show as a kid in 1965 and Gary Lewis and the Playboys were also on that day.

It was a once in a lifetime experience that I shall always cherish. Much love from...

Mr. Fox - Just a note to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the pleasure you brought me during my childhood. I watched Wonderama religiously. Sunday morning my father would say "It's time for Sonny Fox in his funny socks!" and we'd watch all 4 hours together. TH...

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