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May 27, 2019

I was eight years old. Dad was in Advertising for Y&R at the time and bought commercial time for his clients. He was not shy about using that leverage to get tickets for a taping for Wonderama. He even let me take a day off from school. On this particular day Debbie Re...

July 2, 2018

Dear Sonny,

Tonight I'm sitting around reminiscing about my childhood my mother and my father and my brother were all gone now and how good life was when you're young and your parents are around the guide you and to be your friends. I was thinking of you and Wonderama I...

September 4, 2017

When I was a kid we were poor, and my parents were not much for indulgences even if they had been fiscally able to provide them. I took a lot of teasing over my clothes and house, over our car and the knock-off toys i did have, but every Saturday morning I  turned on j...

July 24, 2017

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Hi there. I stumbled upon this website and oh boy, did the memories come flooding back. I was lucky to have been on Wonderama somewhere between 1964-1966. Do tapes of those shows exist anywhere? I'...

March 8, 2017

​​​​Former Intern For Sonny Fox, Marian Baylin, shares a heartfelt letter to Sonny describing what Wonderama meant to her and other Wonderama Kids.

Dear Sonny,

Thanks for sharing the Observer article with me. It was great hearing you talk about Wonderama and about snippe...

January 24, 2016

Winning a Prize for Telling Sonny the Best Joke of the Day on Wonderama Inspires Fan-Turned-Writer, Jim Valley, to pursue a career in Entertainment. 

Dear Mr. Fox, I hope you’re doing well. I, like hundreds of thousands of others baby boomers remember youfrom hosting Wo...

January 13, 2016

Martin Miller, CEO and General Manager of New England Public Radio, Shares his Memories of His Appearance on Wonderama. 

I just listened to the podcast you did with Gilbert Godfried recently and I was inspired to write to you. It was a great interview and I look forward...

March 7, 2015

Young Jeri Greenberg Flubbed Her Joke, but Sonny's Lesson was Key: Have a Great Time.

I was in the audience, aka screaming nuts, not once but twice. Somehow my mom and dad secured tickets at two separate times, but i really have better memories of the first time be...

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