The egregious recent events in Charlottesville and Trump’s subsequent remarks in the lobby of Trump Tower, reminded me of the chasm that separates Presidents 44 and 45.  Obama’s voice is missing—his way of calling us to the lasting principles that define us as civilized people, as Americans.


Then I suddenly recalled that I have his voice at hand. 

Click the photo to hear his speech and find out more.

On April 29, 2017 Sonny returned to Madison High School, from which he graduated in 1942, to meet his ‘kids’ and revisit the world of Wonderama. Click the image below to see a fan made video of Sonny sharing his recollections of the show.

When I was a kid we were poor, and my parents were not much for indulgences even if they had been fiscally able to provide them. I took a lot of teasing over my clothes and house, over our car and the knock-off toys i did have, but every Saturday morning I  turned on just for fun, and sat and watched in breathless anticipation for some child to stand with their arms wide as you whisked toys up, up, up, into their arms till the toys spill over....

As many of you already know, I receive a steady stream of messages from my ‘kids’ recalling their memories of watching, or participating in, Wonderama and Just for Fun, the two multi-hour weekend TV shows I hosted on Ch 5 in NY in the sixties. I am always delighted—and amazed—at how vivid your recall is over these many decades.

Last week I received the first of two e-mails from someone I had not encountered before. Dr. Lori Sweetwood wrote of how, every Saturday, she watched Just for Fun, and reflects, in her message on the moment when the child trying to open the mystery chest when the one of the thousand keys he/she started with actually works. At that moment we stopped all other proceedings and started piling the successful  child’s arms with a seemingly endless  supply of games,


It is her reaction to that event which spoke to me on so many levels. With Lori's permission to post, please start reading her first message, continuing on the fan blog page, and rejoin me after for my thoughts provoked by her intensely personal recollections.