"Sunday mornings as a kid meant two things: I had to go to church (I went to Catholic School) and I HAD to watch Sonny Fox and Wonderama... many of us were given so much by Wonderama.'"

Whoopie Goldberg, Actress


Wonderama hosts a 15 minute in depth discussion by the children on the April 3, 1960 Presidential primary. 

In the July 8th 1957 Edition of Time Magazine, there was a very positive review of Harry Truman's visit to my Let's Take A Trip program. I am delighted to share it with for your enjoyment.

The New Yorkers was a new two-and-a half-hour

daytime talk Variety show that WNEW decided to premiere

in the fall of 1968.

I was asked to host it--the proviso was that I would 

walk away from Wonderama. I hadn’t  considered

doing that—I loved doing it throughout its eight-and-a-half- year run.

I finally agree...

This precocious little brown-eyed girl had it all figured out.  

 5 ball in the side pocket!

"I'm gonna work in a toll booth, so I can raise the toll!"

Senator Robert Kennedy answers questions from the Wonderama Kids. 


Forty Years in Television: A Conversation with Whoopi Goldberg

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The show Speak Out was a weekly discussion among teenagers, which occasionally featured guests such as Senator Robert Kennedy. The show was the first of it's kind where teenagers could discuss and be heard on issues that touched their everyday lives.

Sonny visits a children's birthday party in the Bronx.

On Your Mark - ABC-TV's very first Saturday morning show in 1961. The show was a weekly competition where children answered questions about "what they wanted to be when they grow up."  For example if the winner wanted to be an Astronaut, they won a trip to Cape Canaveral, now Cape Kennedy, to visit with real Astronauts.

Publicity sheet for children's show "Just for Fun".  

The Movie Game was a syndicated daily show, produced in Hollywood, which Sonny hosted in 1970 for the first six months of its life. This episode's guest stars included Army Archerd, Sharon Farrell, Greer Garson, Rowan and Martin. Through Variety columnist and co-host Army Archerd, we were able to get such luminaries as John Wayne and Bob hope. 

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