"You pulled on my braids, and asked me if I was an Indian princess."

Young Jeri Greenberg Flubbed Her Joke, but Sonny's Lesson was Key: Have a Great Time.

I was in the audience, aka screaming nuts, not once but twice. Somehow my mom and dad secured tickets at two separate times, but i really have better memories of the first time because I was with my favorite older cousin Randy. (second time was with my younger sister, she was a brat then and still is,,lol)

I remember getting all dressed up to go into NYC, as you did back then, and taking the D train in from Brooklyn early Sunday morning with my mom and my cousin. I remember waiting on line to get in, and patiently waiting on line to tell you a joke, because i wanted to “get up and personal” very badly. Or maybe my mother wanted it… I was incredibly shy, had two long pigtails hanging down and most likely my eyes were cast down to the floor. But I promised my mother i would tell the joke, and you would laugh and all would be well.

I finally got to the front of the line, You pulled on my braids, asked me if i was an Indian princess, and i was so shaken (that wasn’t part of the script in my head!!) that i stammered, no, Im jewish….You laughed out loud, i got embarrassed and proceeded to flub the joke. You said something like “well you’re cute but thats not a very funny joke you know!” of course i was mortified. You were smiling and telling me to have a great time and i was ushered to the side, where my cousin wanted to kill me for messing up! We still laugh about it.

Then when we did Simon Says my cousin had to sit down almost immediately and i lasted till almost the end so i was “one up” in my mind…He did get picked for mad-libs too but hey, it was a blast.

(The time with my sister i was on “babysitter/guard duty’…you know, “Watch your sister”– so that took some of the joy out of it,,,HAHA—)

I was so excited to see you at the book signing in NJ last year, take pictures with you, do Simon Says, and laugh again you said, “don’t worry, you’re still cute, but no bike today…”

Thank you Sonny, for the happy memories residing in my heart and mind to this day….

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