Marian Baylin – Some Random Thoughts A Look Back

Marian Baylin, my Former Intern, and a Wonderama Kid, Responds to my List of Things I Miss, With an extensive list of her own.

I miss every game you can play on a stoop.

I miss horse drawn knife sharpeners and push carts in Brooklyn and signs in Yiddish or phonetic


I miss the “mountains”

I miss Carvel and the ads.

I miss flipping baseball cards and the terrible stick of gum in side them

Folk music in Greenwich Village

The automat

You on Sunday

My mom and I sitting in front of Eloise at the plaza

Apartments in NYC I could afford

Coffee, food, movies, Broadway shows I could afford on the same day

Mr Softee

Brooklyn Children Museum Gift Shop.

Real pizza anywhere you went

The NY Worlds Fair 1964-65

10 cent paper kites that lasted a whole day

loving the UN and UNICEF and believing in them.

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