Artie Forrest – Some Random Thoughts – A Look Back

Artie Forrest, my Wonderama Director, Shares his thoughts About Growing up in the Bronx.

There are many thoughts that go back to growing up in The Bronx, but the one that comes to mind is playing a marble game that took place in the gutter where you tossed a marble down the gutter using the curb as the wall the marble would roll against. Then your adversary would toss his marble and try to hit yours. The thing that stands out was that we never had to worry whether there would be any cars parked so that you couldn’t play this game. The reason you didn’t worry about parked cars was that no one on the block owned a car and no one ever visited our area except by subway or bus.

Another thing was that it cost a nickel to make a phone call from the corner candy stores phone booth. Nickels were hard to come by so if someone you knew had to make a call, you would wait till someone put 2 cents on the corner newsstand for the morning paper, and that’s when you lifted one of those pennies. You put that penny on the trolley track and after the trolley ran over it, it was the exact size of a nickel and fit the slot in the phone.

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