The Sonny Fox Song

This is a song written for me by my friend Paul Tracey for my 90th birthday.

The Sonny Fox Song

Lyrics and Music by Paul Tracey, Kunjani Music.

In June of 1925

Young Irwin Fox cried “I’m alive

And ready for my close up,

Where the heck is camera three?

I’m destined for some drama,

Name my debut Wonderama,

And Just for Fun we need someone

Who’ll soon invent TV!” (That would help his career)

Sonny Fox,

You can call him Bill or Irwin,

Sonny Fox,

Just call him now and then. (He needs the work)

Sonny Fox,

He’ll disarm you as he charms you,

Sonny Fox,

He’s four score years and ten. (Four score years and ten? Isn’t that the new three score years and ten?)

2. At his Fox’s den on Karen Drive,

His wit is very much alive;

If you say something smart he’ll zap you

With his repartee. (Watch out!)

When asked was he an actor

He said “No, I’m a producer

‘Cause there’s Chris and Dana, Meredith

And finally Tracy. (What a production!)

Sonny Fox,

Better known as Cely’s husband,

Sonny Fox,

TV hosting’s number one.

Sonny Fox,

Four score years and ten and counting,

Sonny Fox,

We’re proud of what you’ve done

We’re proud of what you’ve done

We’re so proud of what you’ve done. (Well, at least, so far!)

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