"You told us kids we could do anything we wished to do, and dang it—some of us did!"

After a Recent Interview on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, Listener and fan

Patricia Alder of New Paltz, NY, Shares her Reaction.

Heard you on Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast Monday and like Sunday Morning, as the little kid I was back in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, you had me spellbound. Never knew any of the non “Wonderama” experiences you had. Wow! It’s been a long time, friend. Now you get a letter of thanks from one of your fans.I saw “Wonderama” each Sunday ( worked around 9 am Mass at St Catherine’s). Remembered quite a bit of it, including you explaining the Theory of Relativity. At 10, I read Einstein’s book. ( No, wasn’t a smartie, but thanks to my parents reading to us kids nightly, we could read pretty well and at 10, I could read and comprehend at college level…so they tell me) The cartoons, not so much.

Never made your show, but my friend, Bobby Wallace did. We think his dad, a fireman, had some pull. Could never prove it, but we all watched Bobby in the back waving like crazy, all of us happy for him.Thank you for showing us all the wonderful things out there that we could do.I wound up a broadcast engineer and on air personality ( I was a cheap employee—two for one) for various stations in Vermont, New Hampshire and Washington State. 13 years. Built airplanes for Boeing and was a comedian ( a decent one, but never a headliner) for 15 years, including the monthly Hospital Shows at Sloan Kettering. Even converted to Judaism. ( that took 33 years to complete)See!

You told us kids we could do anything we wished to do and dang it some of us did! I wanted to thank you for believing in us. You, as well as Sandy, Soupy, Joe , Jack and Chuck were part of a rich tableau of memories that keep this now 60 year old kid in good humor and wisecracks. One could do no wrong ( although I’ve seen some outtakes that say otherwise ) with such role models.

Thanks, Sonny. Thank you so vey much for being one of “us” from the neighborhood!I am buying your book, but would like you to autograph it, if possible. Will gladly pay for it, too. If I can, please give details as to how.

Sincerest regards,

Pat (Patricia) Alder

For those of you who have not heard the podcast, I posted the link here.


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