"The 20 Seconds I spent with you changed my life forever."

Winning a Prize for Telling Sonny the Best Joke of the Day on Wonderama Inspires Fan-Turned-Writer, Jim Valley, to pursue a career in Entertainment.

Dear Mr. Fox, I hope you’re doing well. I, like hundreds of thousands of others baby boomers remember youfrom hosting Wonderama back in the 60’s. I was one of the lucky few who got to tell you a joke,back in ’66. I remember it like it was yesterday.

The joke was…“Why is my father the luckiest man in the world? Because he has a cigarette lighter and a wife and they both work.”

I won a prize, but most importantly, at the time I was struggling with epilepsy, I was inspired to

pursue a career in comedy. I did the tonight show three times, have written for "The Golden Girls" and even won an Emmy for a show called "Arrested Development".

Thank you Sonny Fox. The 20 seconds I spent with you changed my life forever.

Jim Vallely

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