Random Thoughts, Sonny Looks Back

As I Look Back On Times Past, And Move Forward in Time, I Wish to Share Some Random Thoughts About Things I Miss The Most. I Also Ask my Wonderama Kids Via The Wonderama With Sonny Fox Facebook Group, if They Would Add to The List of New York - Centric Memories of Perhaps Not so Long Ago.

So here we go:

I miss the mail three times a day.

I miss three cent stamps.

I miss getting goose bumps listening to Lights Out with the lights out,

I miss nickel Good Humor bars from the Good Humor man in his white truck.

I miss seven different editions of the daily paper and seven different newspapers in NY.

I miss Stickball and Johnny on the Pony and Ringalevio and stoop baseball.

I miss sitting on the stoop in the summer debating the merits of ballplayers from three major league teams—in NY.

I miss the nickel subway fares.

I miss FDR.

As we move forward it’s your turn to see your thoughts and list additions on this blog. Onward and Upward, Sonny.

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