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Hi there. I stumbled upon this website and oh boy, did the memories come flooding back. I was lucky to have been on Wonderama somewhere between 1964-1966. Do tapes of those shows exist anywhere? I'd love to be able to share them with my kids and grandson. I remember feeling like you picked me as the star of the show. I was interviewed on the couch, I was chosen to sit on steps in the aisle while a man taught us about Halley's comet, I did pretty well at Simon Says, but didn't win. I remember coming home on the train with a huge bag of gifts. I even remember some of them, the game Mouse Trap, and a bag of something like Hickory Farm foods. I think you picked me out of the crowd because my mother dressed me in a bright red sweater with a bright red kilt, and color TV was pretty new. What wonderful memories I have! Thanks, Ruth...50-some years later.

ALBERT (Met Sonny at the Wonderama Reunion at James Madison High, April 2017)

Well Sonny it was absolutely fantastic meeting you after 55 years. I'm the one that won the Tie tieing contest and I got history books for winning and that I went on to get a BA in history as I told you when we met when I went to James Madison High School just to see you after 55 years it was such a fantastic thing to say hello to you again. I felt like a kid again and I thank you for all the great memories and all the love that you give all these kids and after all these years all these kids grew up and they still love you and I'm one of them. it was a very happy day for me to meet you. Yours truly your biggest fan Albert.


I remember the day my brother and I were in the audience at Wonderama. The show had a producer who gave instructions to the audience members before going into the studio. She was a smoker and would inhale her cigarette and blow the smoke out of her nose. I had never seen anything like it in my then young life. That's about all I remember about that day but to this day (I'm now 61) anytime I think of Wonderama that is what comes to mind.


I was on the show June 24, and 26th, 1966.( almost positive)...We were taping on a Wednesday and had to come back on Friday. Sonny Fox announced we had technical difficulty , which he claimed was rare. My cousin Debi, who was 8 , got us tickets.....Steve Rossi and Marty Allen were the guests, Marty Allen was dressed as a boy scout, and sat in the audience with the other kids. My older cousin Judy ( Debi's big sister) ended up singing "Matchmaker" with Steve Rossi. Steve Rossi later asked me if I'd like to sit on his lap and I said "no"..( Hey, I was six) .Another little girl named Giselle, heard this , and asked Steve Rossi if he knew her dad, who was a NYC comedian. Steve said, "yes i know your dad" and ,she ended up dancing with Steve Rossi..( I don't think there was any lap sitting though). The irony of this story is, 25 years later (in 1992) and I'm now living in ,Southern California , my commercial agent had an older sister named Giselle. I asked my agent, if her older sister was on Wonderama. My agent speed dialed her older sister to find out if she was on the show and sure enough, it turned out this was the same Giselle who danced with Steve Rossi. I moved 3000 miles away to meet up with Giselle's family again. In spite of all this, Wonderama was the greatest thrill of my life, and I remember this 6 year old having the biggest crush on Sonny Fox.


I enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the amazing Sonny Fox, who reminisced about his years as host of the 60's children's TV show "Wonderama." The event was a fundraiser for Brooklyn's James Madison High School where he graduated in 1942. Now in his early 90's, I am happy to report that Sonny is as sharp and funny as ever!

Sonny influenced an entire generation of kids growing up in the 1960's with his wit, wisdom and warmth. Imagine filling four hours of live television every weekend with virtually no script and an entire audience of very young children! Sonny always kept the bar high and handled it all with grace and humor. It is no wonder he is still admired and loved fifty years later!

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