"We are all Jews"

A year and a half ago, at the Israeli Embassy in DC, President Obama attended a ceremony at which an American, Master Sergeant Roddy Edmonds, was posthumously awarded the Yad Vashem--Israel’s highest honor given to a non-Jew who intervened during the Hitler era to help save Jewish lives.

Sgt. Edmonds was the highest-ranking non-com among us in stalag 9A in Germany. When ordered to identify the Jewish POWs among the 1,200 Americans, and with a German luger pistol held to his head, Edmonds responded, “We are all Jews”. Repeating himself, but to no effect, the German commander finally lowered his gun and walked away. Roddy’s courage saved some 200 Jewish POWs from being sent to a slave labor camp and probable death.

President Obama was on hand that night. He used M/Sgt. Edmond’s words--“We are all Jews” -- as the theme of his remarks. I urge you to listen to thid edited version of his remarks.. His is the voice we are missing right now. I think you will also appreciate how critically important it is that we all be reminded what is at stake. Please feel free to pass this along.

#PresidentObama #WeareallJews

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