1958 Sonny Hosts CBS Television Show To Tell The Truth

After I left as host of $64,000 dollar Challenge, CBS's big money game show prime time Sunday night program, I was approached by Goodson - Todman, the most prolific producers of game shows, to start hosting pilots for some of their new television productions,. By 1958, I started being their go - to guy as guest host for some of their prime time and daytime shows when one of their regular hosts went on vacation or became ill. By 1958, there was one week when I filled in on prime time programs on three different networks as host.

Here are two examples of the To Tell The Truth programs I hosted. Roll over the pictures for more:

Sonny Hosts: To Tell The Truth, "Papa Jack" (Feb 24th 1958)

Sonny Hosts: To Tell The Truth "Dentist/Sudanese Army Major" (Mar 3, 1958)

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