Grant chats with Sonny about watching Wonderama and Just for Fun while in the Navy

Mr. Fox,

I was watching a show on email about the Battle of the Bulge and your name and face came up. I recognized you right away. I called my wife in to watch it with me and told her I recognized your name and face.

You see,Mr. Fox, I was stationed onboard the

* USS Compass Island from 1962 till 1964 at the Brooklyn Naval Yard and I remembered watching your show on TV -- That was 56 years ago. I do remember you had a kids show and why I was viewing your show I could not say for sure. I was only 19 at the time but one thing I am sure of, is that I was not the only one watching your Saturday show. Grant, Navy QM3 P.S. Thank you so much for your service to our Beloved Nation and your sacrifices at the Battle of the Bulge


Thank you!

Ahoy there, Grant,

Well I must say, that you have added a whole new dimension to what was my audience worry you Wonderama or Just for Fun.

Sorry that usually carried you away from the Navy Yard. The program lasted until 1967, when I love to do another show

Were you a career sailor?


Hi Again Mr. Fox

No, just did my duty ( 4 years ) then went back home to Maryland got married had 2 sons & 4 Grandkid's . Just celebrated my 75th Birthday ..


P.S. Stay Well. Thanks for the Memories


I have a website, And I sometimes like to post emails from my ”kids”. May we post your original note to me on that site ?

I just think watching from a naval vessel makes yours unique.

Sonny Fox

Hi Mr. Fox,

Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well? That is a big affirmative. I got to talking to some of my military friends recently about my chance encounter with you and they thought I was putting them on because I was able to recognize you after 56 years.

Take Care : Grant

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