Wonderama fan David shares his memories

Dear Sonny,

Tonight I'm sitting around reminiscing about my childhood my mother and my father and my brother were all gone now and how good life was when you're young and your parents are around the guide you and to be your friends. I was thinking of you and Wonderama I would always make sure I got up Sunday morning to watch you. I remember the amazing Randi how great you were with the kids. I still remember that show with Bobby Kennedy and a girl in the audience asking him a question. I grew up in Bergen County New Jersey and a town called Franklin Lakes. I'm just writing you to let you know what important place you have in my childhood in my memories. I hope all is well with you and I wish you many more years as for me I'm 66 now where did the years go?



Sonny's reply:

Dear David,

I don't suppose many 93-year-old men receive birthday greetings as surprisingly warm as yours.

Thank you for taking the time to revisit those days, and all those memories from so many decades go. Your birthday greeting retains an immediacy and warmth which is both gratifying and startling.



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