Michael reminisces with Sonny

Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am to be able to use the marvelous technology of today to say thanks. No doubt, you've heard from many "old friends" like myself over the years...people who spent whole swatches of their childhoods watching, playing along and learning from you. I'm 68 and am a proud disciple of your efforts from the late 50's into the 60's...having watched you on channel 5 in NYC. I'm sure the legions of your followers have bored you with their memories so I won''t do that...but the simple thank you that I write to express, is as much for myself as it is for you. Long before kids had 50 TV channels for themselves, we had you...and that was a wonderful thing, indeed. My childhood weekends would have been much poorer without you. So let me close by hoping you've had and continue to have good health and a happy life. Certainly, a happy life for many of us was augmented for all those years, by you efforts. I will always be grateful! Your friend, Mickey. P.S. I always rooted for the gold!

Thank You!

Dear Michael, A couple of months ago my beloved with whom I had lived for the last 25 years died of cancer. As you can imagine, I am now involved in reinventing my life at 93 years of age so to get a message across the span of decades, such as yours, is like a bright ray of sunshine bursting through. That you remember as you do after all these decades with such vitality and urgency, Is remarkable. I do receive similar notes from time to time, and each one is astonishing. That I left a thumbprint on nine-year-old malleable minds that have lasted over three decades, his post gratifying and a little frightening. 12 left a thumbprint on your young brains that is to record with such vitality in your note is remarkable. I think the problem we have is that we were not aware as we deal with young people, what a long lasting some print we’re leaving on those minds. I don’t know if you’ve been to our website Sonny Fox.TV, but there is a page in which we put notes such as yours, But only with your permission. May we post your note on the website, Sonny Fox.TV? I am curious as to how your life shaped. Your profession your family – – how did that turn out. Again thank you for taking the time to put your memories down and sending them on to me.

I really do appreciate it. Sonny Fox

Dear Mr Fox,

Please let me offer my sympathies at your loss. Losing a life's partner is a terrible thing at any age. It's all the more poignant when you're older, I believe, because the longer we are captured by the routines of life, the less inclined we are to accept changes when those routines are altered! I have even heard of those who might fold up the tent and give up after a loss such as yours. That you persevere honors your beloved's memory, I think. May God give you strength and success as you endeavor to reinvent your life.

I have visited your website, as you suggested. In fact, I posted my note to you there first. When I finished, I noticed you email address. I then sent the very same note to you a second time. You are certainly welcome to use my communication as you or your agents might see fit. I am humbled at the suggestion.

Regarding my life, there is little to tell that is very remarkable. After college...and with no real plans for a permanent vocation, I joined the construction electrician's union in New York City...Local 3 IBEW. My father had been a member of that organization and as I was otherwise rudderless, it seemed like as good an occupation as any. I did that for 38 years and retired in 2009 at age 59. I married later in life...at age 55...to my best friend who, at that point, had been my partner for more than 20 years. She had 2 daughters who have provided us with 5 grandchildren. Blessedly, they are much fun and provide joy.

Finally, I say again how appreciative I am of your good work, back in the day. That I never felt "talked down to"...that you always seemed to respect your obligation to the young minds in your charge...that always seemed enthusiastic about enlightening as well as entertaining...these things confirm what a decent person you were...no doubt you still are. It has been my pleasure to communicate with you.

Your friend,


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