Sonny Fox discusses his production of the 1963 television special The Cowboy and the Tiger.

This is one of the loveliest productions with which I’ve ever been involved, The Cowboy and the Tiger. This was produced for CBS - TV in 1963 as a one hour special. It features Jack Gilford, and David Wayne who narrates, and plays many characters. The story is about a nine year old cowboy in Texas, who wished he had a horse, but no one would sell him one because he was “just too little”.

His relentless quest brings him to the zoo in Central Park New York, where he meets a Peacock, a Bear, and a ferocious, man-eating Tiger, Jack Gilford who really wants to be somebody's pet.

The tiger is frustrated, that the zoo visitors see him as ferocious and are afraid of him. Finally after being rejected for so long he engineers a

zoo-break and escapes. As the Tiger figures his escape across the river, the cowboy spots him and sizes him up and figures that the tiger is just the right size to be his horse. You can find out how this works out and enjoy this delightful hour along with your family as you watch this wonderful show.

The reviews for this musical were excellent and the reaction so strong that CBS TV scheduled the musical again 10 days later.

Hank Beebe the composer, remebers the show fondly and discusses it elsewhere on this site.

Here is a scene from the show so you can get a taste of what this musical offered.

Click here to read Composer Hank Beebe's reminiscence of the show.

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