Sonny's letter from Daria a fan who now lives in Germany.

Dear Mr. Sonny Fox,

I'm sixty-eight (68) years old - soon 69 (3 Feb 2019). There was Mom and Dad, the first three (3) daughters and then me, Janine and Denard. It was always Denard who informed Janine and me about your show. Denard first told us about this new tv show the Sandy Becker Show. My brother told the entire neighborhood...who in turn started to watch the show. Then, sometime later...Denard informed us about another new show...Wonderama with a guy named Sonny Fox. Denard didn't mention the show at first...he only told us, did you see Sonny Fox? Naturally, we began to watch your show. And, soon so did the entire neighborhood. My family and the entire neighborhood grew up watching two (2) shows that affected our lives.....The Sandy Becker Show and Sonny Fox's Wonderama!

I was "very" shy. One Aunt Geri took us to see you at the big ship. Boy! We had to wait soooo long! Hours had passed before we were able to move up in line...from the shore to the ship and then, WOW! We were a few yards from where you were standing. My brother was sooo happy to have had the opportunity to shake your sister Carla-Janine was happy also to shake your hand. ME? You can forget it! I was "EXTREMELY" shy...SCARED of people! When it came time for me to shake your hand...being that there were GOD knows how many thousands of people (young and old) in line pushing forward, rushing to shake your hand, that I just stood there...looked at you as you were very pleasant trying to give your positive energy to everyone that...I just couldn't put my hand out for you to shake it. I stood there with both my hands in my winter coat pockets and allowed the crowd to shove me forward...passing you. Shortly, thereafter, my Aunt scolded me about why didn't I take that opportunity to shake your hand. I couldn't answer her. I just stood there. But! What no one knows is....I was just as happy to have had the opportunity...just to see you "in person"! And for me, that was the BEST experience and more than I could ask for. I wasn't sad, I always kept that memory as a very special memory and no one...not one person...can ever understand my happiness!

Your shows were a very important part of our (me, Janine and Denard's) childhood. Each time we watched your always gave us a feeling as if we were right the audience with the rest of the children. Another aspect that we really liked was that you related to us..the children in the studio and the children viewing your show...a sense of respect. You respected us as another human being...a person with whom you were talking to. You never gave us a sense of an adult condescending to a child...NEVER! It was always like...equal to equal! There were bloopers that we enjoyed immensely. Live TV was the BEST TV!!! Why you left

TV...we...the viewers (children)...never understood!!! Although we were growing, maturing...still...your show was "entertaining" for everyone...children of all ages to say the least!

Unfortunately, in 1987, I tried to contact you. I didn't have a home computer and so it was difficult and useless. I even telephoned ABC to get your address,...but I didn't have any success. I searched such luck! I've been residing in Berlin, Germany since 21 April 1989. I am writing to you...because I want to let you know how important you have been in my life. Although I couldn't find your address then,...GOD BLESSED me by helping me find you on the internet. I found you on the internet about three (3) or four (4) years ago. I tried to find an organization in which you are still active in so that I could send you a hand-written letter. I'm old-fashion..I still believe in writing letters by hand! I even send Birthday and Christmas cards out. In ending, I wish you Happy Holidays (I know that you're Jewish) and in my mind (and eyes) your hair looks silver, you're still tall, BUT!!! You STILL LOOK the SAME and are just as HANDSOME as you were when you first appeared on WONDERAMA!

I'm sure that the adults in my generation who resided in the Metropolitan Area (tri-state area)..grew up watching your show...Wonderama...and that you were looked upon as an important family member... THANK YOU MR. SONNY FOX for offering the BEST of your being to all of us who watched your show! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!

Sonny's Response:

Guten Tag,


bin der Fuchs.

OK, that takes care of my Deutsch!

I’m following up to request your permission to put your letter on my website. From time to time as remarkable Email,such as yours, Comes in. I’ll post them on the website so they wider audience and enjoy These

remarkable Memories. The website address is:

Did I mentioned I had 100 questions – – let me try the first one. How did you transition from being a Miss To becoming in a Frau?

Here is Daria's lovely reply.

Dear Mr. Fox....errrr????hmmmm??? "Herr" Fox,

Ihre deutsch ist sehr gut! (Your German is very good!) Herr means Mr in German and Frau means Mrs. whereas Fräulein means Miss. I'm married to a german named Wolfgang. We eloped and got married on the 6th of December 1996 in Bov, Denmark. The next year we married in the Church. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day fell on a Friday, so we had our wedding on Saturday (15 Feb 1997).

I take it as a compliment to have my letter/email on your website. It would be honor!

I hope the relocation process from your old domain to your new one wasn't sooo stressful and that things are slowly, but surely in order.

In ending, when I first saw that you had responded to my be perfectly honest with you....I was so touched! I can't put into words, but I'll try.

A little girl is slowly walking in nature...on an early summer day. The weather is perfect as all of the flowers, trees, birds are in their glory...being alive. The little girl sees a feather drift from above..on her right side...about one yard from her head. She stops. She gazes at it to see where it will flow to. The feather flows on the light wind...going a bit upward, then only slowly drift downward.

The little girl stops and stares at it. She sees that it has finally dropped to the ground..falling on beautiful late spring-early summer green grass. The grass is not yet a strong end-of-summer green. It still has that young, fresh medium light green color. The little girl walks four (4) steps towards the feather (mind you she is only a little girl, so her legs are not that long. She can only take daintly little steps.) She bends over, curiously looks at it..stares for an unmeasureable amount of time. Then, she decides to pick it up. She moves her right arm forward, opening up her right hand, using her thumb and the one next to it..she picks it up as she stands up straight.

She brings it close to her face to look at it and wonder...from where did it come from? Suddenly, the feather moves a tiny bit as a slight wind blows over it. The little girl's face squinches as she sees there's a glisten on the edges of the feather. As fast as a Blitz is...there floating in the air before her is an Angel...glowing....with a facial expression full of spiritual complacency. The Angel stares at the little girl and asks....would you like to have my feather as a present? The little girl's eyes brighten, opens wide as her face changes into an expression of wonder and joy. The little girl answers, yyess. YYYesss! Yes! I would like to have a beautiful present from you. The Angel smiled back and said, it is keep.

The little girl said, ttthhhank you. Thank you. TTTHANK YOU very, very, vverrryyyy much! I shall treasure it with my heart and soul...and she sighed a long sigh...all the while smiling. The Angel smiled back, slowly moved upward...all the while the both of them looked at one another. Then, in a blitz the Angel disappeared. The little girl, blinked, blinked again, looked at her right hand still holding the feather as it began to glisten all over.

Then, the little girl brought it closer to her face about two (2) inches from her nose when suddenly...the feather turned to pure gold! The little girl felt the heaviness of it's weigh as her face was in a state of puzzlement. She wondered why? Why did it change? She stood there for a long time and then, lowered her hand as she grasped the feather to put it into her tiny pocket on her dainty dress.

She looked up to the sky looking to see if the Angel would appear again. For a long time she looked upward until she realized...the Angel will never, ever appear again. With this realization the girl decided to head home. On her way home she kept everything in her mind...she wondered why..why did the Angel decide to appear before her and then give her the feather. As soon as the little girl was able to see the small cottage where she lived with her parents, sisters and brother...she realized one important thing that her dearly beloved Mom had told her. My dear, GOD gives us Blessings in HIS time...not when you want them or expect them to come. No matter how big or small the Blessings may be, just be happy to receive them. The little girl smiled and smiled and the smile got bigger and bigger and bigger as she walked her merry way home. She was sooo happy to have had such a once in a lifetime that she will treasure for the rest of her life!

Mr Fox, this is a story that I had just created to explain how it was for me to have you respond to my email.

Very Sincerely Yours,


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