God's Messenger

Sonny shares some personal reflections at Easter/Passover time.

Between the ages of five and, perhaps, nine, I apparently decided that I was God’s eyes on the streets of Brooklyn.

I apparently was infused with the concept of sin and the consequential punishments from God. Whether I learned that at the synagogue or, more likely, at home, the consequences of offending God were obviously swift and serious.

As a result, when anyone on the street said or did something that I considered sinful, would be informed, “ That’s a sin and God will punish you”

When they turned their eyes on this chosen instrument of God’s wrath, what they perceived was a very skinny, rather small, street urchin.

While I was very certain I was doing God’s work, the result of this was I had few friends. Fortunately for me, sanctity was not on the agenda, so I survived my role as God’s angry prosecutor.

I eventually abandoned this mission, and gradually did accumulate friends.

Sainthood might be an attractive concept, but being accepted as part of the street gang seemed a far more practical way get through life Brooklyn.

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