Sargent Irwin (Sonny) Fox reminisces on the 75th anniversary of D-Day

As you are all aware, June 6 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, when allied forces landed back on the continent of Europe which, since 1940, had been occupied by the Nazis.

The principal landing site was known as Omaha Beach. On D-day + 90, I was deposited on Omaha Beach to catch up with the war. By the time I arrived we didn't have to wade in the water onto a beach, fishing fire on the hill above. We did not have to face live fire from the concrete installation on the hill from which machine guns fire down on our troops coming in. I did not have to drive in an open boat wade ashore and confront the obstructions the Nazis placed of barbed wire and metal beams placed ward off such an invasion.

By the time I arrived at Omaha Beach they had built a wharf . But as I walked up the hill they had to take under heavy fire, I looked back at the point of view the Germans had to shoot down at our troops and I marveled that the landing, though costly, succeeded.

When we finally got to the top of the hill we passed the hedgerow from which Germans could fire, protected by the large berms of earth that held these bushes.

I could marvel as I walked by all of this, at the bravery of our troops, and the scale of what was accomplished on that June 6. As the troops kept piling in, the amount of territory slowly expanded . The British in this sector the Americans and there's more and more troops in until finally, Gen. George Patton and his third Army, burst out of that small

Beachhead and started his drive across France.

This anniversary always is special to me for many reasons. I wanted to share my thoughts to make the date somewhat more significant.

Sgt. Irwin Fox 42022374 (Army Serial Number)

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